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Welcome to Lice Crusaders!!!

In Home Lice Removal Service

* Safe * Natural * Effective​ 

Welcome to

Lice Crusaders!!!

Professional In Home Lice Removal Service!

With Lice Crusaders you will be introduced to  

non-toxic, effective, pesticide free 

lice treatment and removal for nits (eggs) and live louse in the hair! 

It's safe, natural and completed all in the privacy and convenience of your own home!


It's WORTH hiring a professional and getting the job done RIGHT the 1st time!!!

Why Choose Lice Crusaders ?!


At Lice Crusaders, we charge flat rate pricing for our services leaving no room for hidden fees. Other in-home services typically charge an hourly rate on top of fees for travel, follow up visits and additional products. 


 It can take a parent 4 to 10 hours per person attempting to self treat the family! Unfortunately 80% of self treatments done at home fail! Who then checks mom...? Dad? The kids???

 *On average, our technicians only spend 2.5 hours to treat/ screen a family of four!


There is nothing like the comfort and privacy of home! Treatments done in-home save you time, hassle and embarrassment of driving to a lice salon. Plus the kids can watch their favorite TV show, while mom and dad continue with the daily routine.


All Lice Crusaders Technicians are professionally trained! Every treatment and screening is thorough and precise. After our removal process is complete, we go through the hair strand-by-strand with a parent so they can witness our effectiveness for themselves.

Additional Perks


*No Gadgets or Gimmicks!

*Stress Free Treatment Options!

*Backed By Our 30 Day Guarantee!

*Same and/or Next Day Appointments!

*Products Made Right Here In The USA!


Discreet Home Visits​!

We'll Come To YOU!!!

Please call us for a free quote​

(254) 595-6423

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