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Lice Crusaders Prevention Care Kits

Our kits are safe, natural, non toxic, chemical/pesticides free, 100% effective and made right here in the USA! 

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Lice Crusaders Prevention Care Kit

Lice Crusaders Prevention Care Kit Includes: 

LC Treatment Spray, LC Repellent Spray and LC Lice Comb.

Comes with ALL the products you need to treat and prevent head lice!

Lice Crusaders Treatment Spray:

8 oz Treatment Spray is a enzyme based solution used to break down the makeup of the nit/ louse and dissolve the glue like substance that holds the nit (egg) unto the hair shaft!

 Lice Crusaders Repellent Spray:

8 oz Repellent Spray is designed to repel and prevent head lice. It can be used everyday, as often as needed. It doesn't leave an oily residue and hair can be styled as usual.

Lice Crusaders Nit Comb:

This professional lice comb is truly one of a kind! It's effective, durable and made of steel (making it unbreakable and reusable) It's a great purchase to aid in the removal of stubborn nits and lice. For best results use with Lice Crusaders Treatment Spray.

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